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Call: JUST-2015-JACC-AG
Topic: JUST-2015-JACC-AG-E-JU
Type of action: JUST-AG
Proposal number: NA
Proposal acronym: EJAPP

The project objective is to create a WebAPI publisher service and build an App (Usable in the major client systems Android and IOS) so that there is one interface to search from the App:

National Insolvency Registers (IRI);
Find a Lawyer  
Find a Notary  
Find a legal translator
Find a Mediator
Find a Bailiff  
case law repositories search ( via European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) and/or e-codex)

The app will be freely available so that any individual can search Lawyers, Notaries Bailiffs and additionally, the WebAPI protocol should be published, enabling 3rd party applications to consume the public data (i.e e-Informa, the major Business inforamtion network, could incorporate the IRI data, with a connector, to their business information)

The app will geolocalize the user and offer by default data for his local city/location, making end-user experience seamless and trouble-free. The user will be allowed to change the location to browse for data in other cities. As well there will be a 'services' based search (i.e 'divorces') where lawyers will be filtered by only those offering that service.

The app will enable one lawyer, notary or legal translator to update their details and publish them in the e-Justice repository (so that clients can find them). The details will be enhanced so that lawyers and notaries can offer not only contact details but as well their base services and prices online.

Even if the core functionality of the EJAPP will be the search capabilities based in the e-justice WebAPI service, The App is not only aimed to a search, but it is the intention of the consortium to make it the day to day tool for a lawyer. Therefore we want to incorporate several additional features of high value to a lawyer or judge:

- Case list
- Contact list (contacts will have roles so they can be clients or court related individuals, demandated, promovers of demands, or businesses).
- Administrate clients/cases based on contacts
- Save cases from the law repositories (ECLI + e-codex), linked to a contact( allow to link the same case to multiple contact or contact groups)
- Agenda with ability to link the meetings/court appearances to a contact(s)
- Alarms
- Add notes with ability to add images
- Add/manage expenses tied to a case
- export to QuickBooks or similar accounting software of all expenses.

To minimize the economical impact to the consortium and as well to maintain future releases of the product, we foresee that the App and search features would be free of charge and publicy available, while the WebAPI consumer services and premium App features would be paid via subscription. This should enable a revenue stream to keep

Additionally, as e-codex evolves, the app will incorporate information on the search about:
    European Order for Payment (If the searched business has standing orders)
    Small Claims (if the individual/business has open claims or past claims)
    Business Registers
    European Arrest Warrent
    Financial Penalties (if the individual/business has had financial)

* The app assumes that information published via e-Codex local connector is public. In case some of the information is labelled 'restricted', it will not be used or incorporated (the app is considered a public application).

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