Horizon 2020
Call: H2020-DS-2015-1
Topic: DS-04-2015
Type of action: IA
Proposal number: SEP-210291206
Proposal acronym: CAPIID

Problem to be addressed: Most of the current malware botnets use poorly written websites, plugins or even unattended servers to perform their actions. The only practical way to stop a DDOS is shutting down the source of traffic and retrieving logs to see from where it was controlled.

Currently, malware bots and hackers base their success in the lack of timely response to the issue from part of the hosts providing service. From the notification to closure of the offending website there is a manual process involving several providers. These warnings can take up days to get to destination, enough for the attacker to just gain his objective, erase all the logs and leave with no trace behind.

The project resolves the speed gap; and will shut the source before it does real harm. It will dramatically improve cyber security with effective, automated actions and real data gathering for security enforcement agencies.

The project does not aim to replace the current anti-SPAM sites (ie SPAMCOP, SPAMHAUS, SENDERBASE) but to create an additional layer to allow a collaborative approach between detection networks and the hosting companies in order to shutdown the attacker at source within minutes of the attack detection, avoiding the traffic waste and complex email chains and nuisances posed by the attacker.

It will provide
1) an standard protocol for data submission and coordination
2) centralized webservices for automatic notification and submission of logs of the attack (spam,phishing, intrusion, DDOS),
3)a workflow for automatic decision making, based on notification levels
4) targeted closure of the attacking site (delimitation of the single IP or single website to nullroute is key to the success and acceptance of the system).
5) public label and recognition of 'safe hosts' that will create public recognition of quality and safety between end client base.

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