EODTAC: European Online Database of Transport Agencies and Couriers
The platform should contain extensive information, publicly available about the transport agencies and their list prices for all EU member countries. Basic data of every Parcel company, along with list prices, will be public.

Parcel companies and e-retailers will be able to sign-up and offer their services through the platform, free of charge. The newelty of the business model consists in offering marketing data (properly anonymized to preserve confidentiality) via subscription to both parcel and transport agencies and e-retailers if interested.

The platform will allow e-retailers to select one of the Parcel delivery agencies between matching platform members and order one transport service.

The Parcel delivery will be able to receive the order online or via email (in the case of very small SME that do not have any online functionalities) and accept the service on the platform itself.


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